Warming Formula Milk

Warming Formula Milk | Introduction

Warming formula milk is common amongst modern mums. The theory is, your breast milk is warm when you breastfeed, so to provide the most natural feeding experience, warming formula milk to about 35-40*, like your body temperature, gets you closer to the real thing. It’€™s definitely not a necessity to do it, but as far as I am concerned it’€™s always better to be as close to the breastfeeding experience as you can. It can also depend on what your baby is use to. So if you’€™ve been giving him cold milk and you want to warm it up for him, she may enjoy it more s(he may not). Like I said at the beginning, every baby is different! If you used pre-boiled water that has been in the fridge, we would definitely recommend warming it because cold formula is harder for your baby to digest. At a minimum keep it room temperature, unless you live in some southern parts of Australia or New Zealand and it’€™s a cold winters day! Using cold water (under 20* or so) has been a known cause a baby to start rejecting bottles.

Warming Formula Milk | The Steps

      1. Prepare the formula in the bottle.
      2. Fill a shallow bowl, jug or the sink with hot tap water.
      3. Place the bottle cap on your baby bottle firmly and turn it upside down to make sure it€’s on properly.
      4. Place the bottle in the water for 10 minutes to warm it up. Don’t leave it in there for more than 10 minutes or, depending on the heat of your tap at home, it may get too hot and burn your bub’€™s mouth.
      5. Once you’ve poured the milk and screwed the nipple on, make sure you release any pressure by placing 2 fingers on either side of the nipple tip and pressing down. You’ll note the hissing sound as the built up air is released. This only needs to be done once before feeding.
      6. ALWAYS test the temperature of the milk by pushing the nipple of the bottle onto the inside of your wrist. The inside of your wrist has thin sensitive skin, similar to the inside of a mouth, so if it feels too hot on your arm, it’€™s too hot for your bub€’s mouth.
      7. AWAY YOU GO!


Warming Formula Milk | Other Notes

        • DO NOT heat milk in the microwave. Microwaves heat things unevenly from the inside out. This can cause inadvertent burning of your bub’s mouth and an otherwise avoidable trip to the hospital.
        • You can buy bottle warmers but they are an unnecessary luxury. Unless they are travel warmers and you REALLY want them. If not and you’€™re out on the road, try just hold the bottle in-between your legs for a few minutes.
        • Try to minimise reheating formula you’ve made yesterday, but given situations such as if you have twins, are unusually busy or mobile, this can be impractical to avoid. Remember, storing formula milk needs to be done properly, or not done at all.
        • If you want some really good impartial reviews on baby formula, see this great site: http://www.productreview.com.au/c/baby-formulas.html

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