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10 Baby sleep aids that will help you get more SLEEP!

10 Baby Sleep Aids

Sleep! It’s the one thing every parent needs, wants and desires, but nine times out of ten, doesn’t get enough of. Anything that helps your baby sleep, helps you sleep and in my books thats a MAJOR win! Below is a list of sleep aids that have helped my children settle faster, sleep better and most importantly sleep in!

Many of these amazing products are available in stores and online. My favourite online retailer for all things ‘sleepy’ is Sleep Tight Babies. You can visit their store by clicking HERE.

1. Ergo Cocoon and Ergo Pouch

New born babies love to be tightly wrapped or swaddled when they sleep it gives them the feeling of being in the womb. There’s just one problem- they wriggle… thus they squirm their way out of the wrap, get cold and wake. This can also present a safety issue if baby becomes tangled in the discarded blanket. I had huge issues ensuring my first born stayed wrapped for his sleeps, no matter how skilfully and tightly I swaddles him he still managed to escape. At my twins baby shower my sitter gave me an Ergo cocoon baby swaddle. Made from organic cotton baby can have arms in or out and they come in a range of options suitable for different temperatures. My girls loved them and so did I. No more baby origami for me at 2 am! Hooray!!!

When your baby grows out of the cocoon there are plenty of bigger options. My favourite for winter is the 3.5 tog Egro Pouch.

2. Airwrap Mesh Cot Bumpers

Creating a safe sleep environment for you baby is essential. The SIDS foundation offers information on how to best prepare you baby’s cot. They do not recommend the use of fabric cot bumpers, however my children always seemed to find ways to get their little limbs fought in between the cot rails! Then I was introduced to the Airwrap-Mesh Cot Bumper. This clever creation is supersedes traditional cot bumpers, its breathable mesh fabric allows maximum airflow and reduces risk of over heating or suffocation whist protecting baby from tangling limbs in-between cot rails. The thin collapsible fabric of the Airwrap Mesh ensures that it cannot be used as leverage to climb out of the cot. The AIRWRAP 4 sides mesh fits most cots including larger brands like Boori.

3. Baby Shusher

Now this is pure genius. How many times have you stood over a cot at night “patting” and “shushing?” Well now the shushing part is taken care of thanks to the Baby Shusher. It turns out that it’s actually very noisy inside your belly, in fact your baby has been snoozing in utero whilst listening to noises produced by your blood flow, voice, tummy and lungs that hit about 95 decibels (about the same as a very loud vacuum cleaner!) This portable, easy to clean shusher produces a rhythmical sound that will break your baby’s crying cycle and engage their own calming reflexes. The Baby Shusher has a timer and of course a volume control.

4. mimijumi bottles

Full tummies = sleepy babies. It’s a frustratingly simple equation that has been befuddling mum’s for centuries. Is he or she hungry??? One benefit of co-feeding (breast and bottle) is that you can express milk for your baby and offer a bottle at night when you supply may otherwise be low. This means you can gauge exactly how much of the feed your baby has taken. This strategy also allows for your partner to offer your baby a dream feed at night. This will allow you to get more sleep!!! Hooray!

(If you are thinking. “what on earth is a dream feed?” you need to read Save Our Sleep by Tizzie Hall- see below).

5. Save Our Sleep, by Tizzie Hall

This book divides mothers. I myself thought it was excellent. You can read my blog about it here. I am a ‘routines’ kind of mum and had no idea how to get my baby into a routine. I thought this book was a godsend, however I did adjust it to my own liking. I think that most things in parenting are a bit like this, you take someone else’s idea and adapt it to suit your child and your family. Whether you are a Tizzie Hall fan or not, the bottom line is if you want sleep you need to pick a strategy and stick to it! Babies need consistency to develop regular patterns.

6. Groblind

My children ALWAYS sleep better in a dim or dark room. Learning to differentiate between nighttime and daytime is something a baby must learn. Thus walks outside in the sunshine during awake time and dark cool rooms for sleep time are a perfect way to help your baby learn the difference. But how to make a bright room dark? We can’t all afford to install traditional block out blinds and what about when you aren’t at home? Gro Blind is the solution. Gro Blind is portable and easy to use. It attaches directly to the glass using suction cups, this ensures a tight fit that really does block out the light. Especially handy when travelling this nifty little product fits easily into any suitcase and is relatively inexpensive.

7. The Sleepy Tot

My littlest Evie LOVES her dummy. There is only one problem: she looses it in the middle of the night… there came a point where I was waking twice a night to fish a dummy out from under her cot. Then I was given a sleepy tot! This clever little bunny holds up to 4 dummies at a time and can even be attached to the side of the cot for extra safety and to ensure the bunny itself doesn’t end up under the cot. The bunny is light weight, breathable and easy to clean. I owe a lot of nights sleep to this little bunny!

8. Brolly Sheets

Ahhhhh toilet training. What fun for mum. The Brolly Sheet made the journey to nappy free nights a whole lot easier for my son. This clever piece of highly absorbent material is tucked under the mattress on each side like a mini fitted sheet. If there are any accidents during the night you simply slip it off and the bedding underneath is fresh and dry. This will save you from a giant pile of washing and make you life a lot easier!!

9. Sleep Trainer Clocks

My 3 year old Charlie has been waking early, very early. We are talking 5 am, its still dark outside early. That was until I purchased a sleep trainer clock. These magic clocks can be set to a “bedtime” and a “wake time.” The clocks change colour when it is time to get out of bed. My sone receives a small reward for staying in bed until the clock changes colour, we now have a 6.30 wake up and I can tell you that extra 1.5 hours is heavenly!

10 . Sleep Consultants

So what do you do if you have bought every book, blanket and contraption on offer and your baby still won’t sleep? You call a sleep consultant! I have worked with Amanada Bude from Groovey Babies Sleep Consultants for some time and highly recommend her. Sometimes you just need to call in the experts!

Sweet Dreams Mum’s!