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Nappy Pants Review: Which brand is best?

Nappy Pants Review

My twins girls are now 13 months old. Recently they have decided that nappy changes are boring and they will no longer cooperate in anyway with me or anyone else who tries to change them. Strategies for nappy change avoidance include:

  1. Running/crawling away
  2. Going into a crocodile like death roll and /or
  3. Kicking and screaming

All of these little ‘tricks’ make nappy changes a nightmare. So I decided to try nappy pants or pull ups.  Basically these are just nappies that you can pull onto a child like pants in a standing position instead of lying them down. Some have re-sealable tab sides other don’t. So basically if you need to clean up a ‘mess’ you still have to do things the old fashioned way, but wet nappy changes can be done standing, which for some reasons seems more acceptable to the average 1-2 year old? (Don’t ask me why?)

There are 2 major issues with pull ups:

  1. The price. They are significantly more expensive than normal nappies.
  2. The absorbency. They are far less absorbent than standard nappies of the same brand.

In order to assess whether they were worth the extra expense and of course whether they performed as well I have put them to the test. When I went to my local Woolies I was overwhelmed by the range of nappy pants available, so I decided to do a nappy pants review to help mum’s figure out what they are all about and whether they are worth the $$! In order to conduct the nappy pants review I trialled 3 brands of nappy pants for a week each.

  1. Woolworth’s Select Brand, Once Upon A Time Nappy Pants $11.00 or $0.48c /ea
  2. Baby Love, Toddler Nappy Pants $27.00 or $0.52c /ea
  3. Huggies, Toddler Nappy Pants $21.49 or $0.69c /ea

Nappy Pants Review, The results:

1st place : Huggies

2nd place: Woolworths Select

3rd Place: Baby Love

Why was Huggies the best?

Not surprisingly I found that you get what you pay for, with the more expensive nappies out performing the cheaper ones in both functionality and performance. The Huggies nappies had re-sealable side tabs which meant the nappy could be re-used if it was not wet or soiled. The others did not. This meant that I went through more of the other nappies each day which increased the cost. This is especially important in summer when the children are spending a lot of time nude in backyard or in the pool. Thus although a nappy has been removed it doesn’t mean that it is not perfectly reusable.

The Huggies nappies also kept the twins skin dryer and I noticed less skin irritation during this week. Importantly there were no “blow outs” or wet pants or wet bedding when using the Huggies nappy pants, although I must admit I still think a traditional Huggies nappy is best for nighttimes.

The others:

The Woolworths nappy pants where very effective during the day, but both twins wet through their clothes at night in these nappies. In the Baby Love nappies both twins wet through both day and night. We also had poo all through a car seat on one very pleasant car trip. Although the Baby Love nappies feel very soft to touch their absorbency was a major issue and the lack of side tabs actually made them difficult to put on and take off, thus why they came last on my list.

Huggies now sell the nappy pants in large boxes which reduced the price per nappy to $0.63 cents and I have noted regular specials and bought up big! This has brought the price down even further. If you are a mum struggling through every nappy change then I highly recommend you give the Huggies nappy pants a go!