Sustainability Policies

Mimijumi Sustainability Policies

At mimijumi, we strongly believe in the conservation of our planet. Our beliefs are translated into actions as we undertake sustainable business practices as best we can and support the organisations that have a broader impact.

Being a product wholesaler and retailer, the best way for us to help our environment is by recycling packaging. Generally speaking, people love fancy packaging; the feeling you get when you open up a new product you received online and it’s boxed in a fancy printed box, wrapped in 5 layers of bubble wrap, surrounded by foam peanuts, then inside that is the shiny product packaging which protects the product once more. So all in all, there are sometimes 5 layers of protection between the product and the outside world. While this may look good and give the unaware customer a ‘feel good’ about their purchase, it is increasing the earths pollution levels. The impact you have individually may be small, but think about the millions of packages that arrive onto Australian doorsteps alone from online retail every year. That’s a lot of packaging.

We have a different approach. While it’s important to make sure the product is not damaged before it gets to the customer, going overboard for aesthetics reasons (to make the product look bigger or better than what it actually is), is not sustainable business practice. We therefore use recycled materials all the way from outer cartons to bubble wrap (if any).

You will receive this slip in your order, which summarises our policy very well.

All the best, and remember, if we look after our planet, our planet will look after us…

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