Overfeeding A Baby

Overfeeding A Baby | Introduction

Am I overfeeding a baby? This is a good question to be asking because it means you are conscious of it. It’s important that you be careful you’re not overfeeding a baby because it can lead to health problems down the track. The best sign of overfeeding a baby is vomiting.

Many babies will posit (spit up) after feeding (usually because you have jiggled them around too much in an attempt to burp them), but this is normal and very different to vomiting due to overfeeding a baby. An overfed baby will usually projectile vomit milk! If you’€™re not sure if this is a problem with your baby you should ask your doctor. If you want to see how much to feed your baby, click here.

How To Know When Your Baby Is Hungry | Feeding Cues

Some academics on the topic say ‘€˜feed her when she’€™s hungry’€™, and that’s it. That way she’s not getting fed for the sake of it and her natural hunger instinct is calling the shots. So then the question arises, how do you know when your baby is hungry?

Here are a few telltale signs known as feeding cues:

  • Smacking or licking lips
  • Making sucking noises
  • Opening and closing mouth
  • Sucking on hands
  • Fussing and turning head from side to side
  • Nuzzling into you
  • Rooting or head butting
  • Crying

The trick is to learn your baby’s feeding cues and respond to your baby before they begin to cry!

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