Our Story

We started with a vision to make better products for the modern family. But we created a revolution.

A Brief History On The Mimijumi Natural Baby Bottle

mimijumi specialises in the design and production of remarkable newborn care essentials. mimijumi was founded in January 2008 by two Child Psychiatrists and an Industrial Designer with the goal of creating practical, stylish products for the modern family. What they created literally revolutionised the feeding industry.

Many modern mums like you are finding that breastfeeding is not always possible or practical. While we always endorse breastfeeding, there was no solution for these parents that were not breastfeeding, but who still wanted that natural breastfeeding experience for their newborn. So the mimijumi Very Hungry natural baby bottle was conceived. Dr Frank Drummond and Dr Bill Colomb knew that the current bottles were not providing the best alternative to breastfeeding. The design concept of mimijumi baby bottles is actually based on the psychological dynamics of feeding/soothing items as transitional objects, so you you can now take your bub from breast to bottle with ease, and avoid those difficult bottle rejection experiences with mimijumi natural baby bottles.

The Mimijumi Difference

Every part of a mimijumi bottle is extraordinary. The nipple is made from 100% medical grade silicone from Germany, and is actually textured like skin, all the way down to the pores. It’s soft, squishy and a dream for your bub to feed from. Why? Because your bub must latch onto a mimijumi bottle and create suction to produce the milk, so just as they do with breastfeeding, they need to still work for the milk. Replicating the breastfeeding process like this means your bub won’t get lazy and will go back and forth from breast to bottle easily. It’s also got a patented anti-colic and anti-gas system and only has one piece so there’s no irritating parts. Then there’s the bottle; the Swiss-made Grilamid TR90 material that’s as clear and tough as glass but shatter proof. It won’t fade, and you can throw the whole thing, nipple included, into the dishwasher to clean. Made in the netherlands are the non-skid base for easy refills and the travel cap so there’s no annoying spills on the run. In fact every single part of a mimijumi natural baby bottle is made in Europe.

Design Concepts & Motivation

Every single detail on a mimijumi natural baby bottle is considered and crafted with high attention to detail, resulting in the best quality possible. This thinking and the craftsmanship required to create our natural baby bottles are part of the mimijumi DNA that includes the design and engineering process, all printed collateral, manufacturing of the tools all the way down to the final product on the shelf. mimijumi takes the consideration and craft of analog design processes and translates these into the digital world. By that, mimijumi creates its very own visual appearance that looks shockingly quiet yet refined. All this effort is spent to attract customers that are willing to see more than a couple of coloured surfaces. Customers that won’t believe the common flattened, low resolution design standard available on the market. Instead, these customers will understand the quality and craft of the purchased product, and know with certainty that mimijumi are the very best products available on the market.

mimijumi – Simple But Extraordinary.