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Introduction To The mimijumi Mummy Blog

Welcome to the Official mimijumi mummy Blog! This blog is written for mums by a mum! The blog is an all inclusive informational, educational and inspirational feed serving up your daily hit of everything, babies, parenting and mum-related. The blog is written by mimijumi mummy blogger, Samantha (“Sam”)  Cardone, a part-time model and mother of 3 beautiful children. That’s all from us, over to Sam. Enjoy!

About Samantha Cardone

Hi, I’m Samantha Cardone, but you guys can call me Sam (that’s what my other friends call me).

I’m a mummy of 3 beautiful children; son Charlie and non identical twin girls Lily and Evie, so I have my hands full!  I’m 29 years old and a model and freelance writer. I live with my family in Sunny Queensland. I am an obsessive travel bug, reluctant exerciser and avid beach goer, who loves to cook. I believe in enjoying my family not enduring them. I am passionate about helping mothers enjoy motherhood and believe in sharing the knowledge I gain every day from being a mum.

A word of warning, I’m not shy when it comes to sharing. My blog is a warts-and-all account of the realities of Motherhood. From great ideas, to the best buys and the biggest parenting fails you’€™ll find it all in my mimijumi mummy blog.

Follow me here and join me on a parenting journey full of thrills, spills and lots of laughs, you may even learn a few things along the way. If you have a question about parenting and want an honest mum to mum answer, then I’m here for you all the time.

You can email me at sam@mimijumi.com.au, otherwise click the image of me below to start following me on my blog!