Mimijumi Now Available at Rose Bay Gaslight Pharmacy!

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Get into Rose Bay Gaslight Pharmacy to get the Fussy Baby Guaranteed

Mimijumi Baby Bottle and a FREE baby nurse appointment!

Key Features

  • World-first Fussy Baby Guarantee;
  • Taken by 99% of fussy babies;
  • Seamless transition from breast to bottle for the perfect complement to breastfeeding;
  • FULL 12 month feeding solution with no additional parts or nipples required, so better overall value for your family;
  • Special skin-coloured and textured nipple, down to the tiny pore holes;
  • Baby must latch and create suction so bub does not get lazy and continues to breastfeed;
  • Exclusively European made – Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands & Austria;
  • Totally Toxin Free: BPA Free, EA Free and Latex Free;
  • Non-skid base for easy refills and wide mouth for easy filling;
  • Travel cap for spill-free travels;
  • Bottles come in two sizes, 240ml (Very Hungry) and 120 ml (Not So Hungry);
  • 2 Flow rates; Flow Rate 1 (0-6 months), and  Flow Rate 2 (6-18 months);
  • 12 month warranty.