How To Store Baby Formula

How To Store Baby Formula | Introduction

Knowing exactly how to store baby formula is incredibly important. Sometimes the instructions don’€™t always give you fine details, like how long you can keep pre made formula for, and at what temperature to keep the can in. As a rule of thumb on how to store baby formula, try to avoid pre-making formula as much as possible. The reason being is that there is the potential for harmful bacteria to grow in the pre-made formula. It’€™s like any other food that we leave in the fridge for too long, except with newborn bubs, their immune systems haven’€™t properly developed yet and their little tummy’s get upset easier.

It’€™s not always practical to make formula every single time you feed, especially because most bubs feed between 6-8 times a day, sometimes up to 12! So if you’€™re supposed to feed every hour and you’€™re out of the house half the day, carrying a portion of formula, then 6 servings of separate sterilised water, the 6 bottles and any other equipment around with you, it becomes quite a hassle. Then try having twins! So making a few batches in advance and having only the 6 bottles in a cooler bag makes life a lot easier. Another option is to just measure out the formula into the estimated number of bottles and take the water separately. The longer you keep the formula out of water the safer it is.

How To Store Baby Formula | GOLDEN RULE

– 24 hours is the longest amount of time you should keep pre-made formula in the fridge. It’€™s possible for bacteria to grow if you leave it much longer.

How To Store Baby Formula | More Safety Tips

  • Try to avoid pre-making formula as much as possible. The less you do it, the lower the risk;
  • When travelling always keep the formula in a proper cooler bag with freezer blocks in it to keep them cold.
  • Store powdered formula in a cool (under 25*C) and dry place. So don’€™t leave the tin in the car on a hot day, or in the sun at home. Make sure the lid is always on;
  • Any pre-made formula kept out of the fridge for longer than 2 hours should be thrown out;
  • Any formula left over in the bottle after a feed should also be thrown out.
  • Store the pre-made formula in the centre and at the back of the fridge. 4*C is standard temperature for a fridge, so just check your fridge temperature to make sure;
  • Always make formula safely when pre-making formula.
  • Always check the expiry date on the tin. If it’€™s past it, don’€™t risk it.
  • If your bub usually has his milk warmed up for him, and depending where you are, then continue to heat it up. You can heat it up in a variety of ways, just make sure it’s not in the microwave.
  • Don’€™t freeze formula.
  • If it’€™s open when you buy it, don’€™t risk it and take it back and get another one.

Here’s an example of some storing tips from a manufacturer – S-26 Gold.

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