How To Bottle Feed A Baby | More Tips

How To Bottle Feed A Baby | More Tips

So you’ve read our full bottle feeding guide, and now you’re ready for some further handy tips on how to bottle feed a baby. Below are some really good tips that were passed on to me from doctors, nurses, parents and friends on how to bottle feed a baby.

Don’€™t Feed Your Baby Lying Down

A really good tip on how to bottle feed a baby is don’t feed them lying down! Apart from the reflux they can get, feeding a baby lying down allows the formula to be able to flow into the middle ear causing infection. If you do have to feed your child in a reclined position then prop them up with a pillow and use a tissue or cloth to ensure that they do not dribble milk.

Make Sure They Are Facing Forward

Feed your baby so they are facing forward (and angled, of course) and not with their head turned sideways or tilted too far backwards. My babies all liked to arch into different and sometimes strange positions at the beginning of feeding, but once they relaxed I would always try to hold them facing me and at a safe and comfortable angle.

Stay With Them

Another really good tip on how to bottle feed a baby is staying with them, especially when they are newborns. Don’€™t leave your baby unattended with a bottle at all, or when they are going to sleep. Always stay and hold your baby while feeding, and never prop them up and hope they’€™ll feed themselves. It’€™s not only a health hazard (choking etc) but you can’€™t check for things like burping etc. It is also very bad for the baby’s dental hygiene and is not a habit you should start.

Check Expiry

Always check the expiry on the formula tin. This is not really a tip on how to bottle feed a baby and more of a no-brainer, but it’s still really important you are always aware of when the formula you have is going to expire. If it’€™s past it, chuck it. Also ensure you take note of how long the tin lasts after being opened for the first time.

Wash your hands

Wash your hands well before you start feeding your baby. This includes preparing the bottles and making formula!


See my thoughts on sterilising your equipment here!

Pre-boiled Water For Formula

It is best to always use pre-boiled water. We recommend that you follow the instructions on the formula tin, but you can see how to make formula HERE.



Follow The Instructions

Always follow the instructions on your formula tin

  • The table for how much to feed your baby;
  • Storing Instructions;
  • Expiry;
  • Remember once formula has been heated once it cannot be re-heated, you must discard it and prepare fresh milk if need be. This is an important tip on how to bottle feed a baby you shouldn’t forget.

Avoid Concocting Your Own Recipes

Never add other ingredients or food to your baby’€™s bottle. This might seem an obvious “don’€™t”€™, but you would be surprised how often I’ve heard this happening. It may be that mums are getting confused with weaning onto solids when they hear you can mix rice serial with breast and formula milk, but this is to be done when your bub is ready for solids and never in a bottle! It’€™s a choking hazard, and your baby does not require any further additions to the milk she is getting as a newborn. This includes water!

Never Tamper With Bottles Or Equipment

For example, never poke a bigger hole in the top of the bottle for a faster flow. Most manufacturers have different flow rate nipples you can buy with the bottles, so this isnt necessary. If you’re doing it to save money, it’s not worth it, because you just don’t need the trouble!

Clean Up

Clean up your jugs of hot water or other dangerous things off the table or where babies can reach them. Always better to be safe than sorry.

Avoid Warming Formula In The Microwave

Microwaves heat things from the inside out and can hold heat pockets that may burn your baby’€™s mouth. They also kill some of the vital nutrients in the formula. Check our milk warming guide here.

Storing Breast Or Formula Milk

Chuck out any milk left over in the bottle after a feed after about an hour or so. Once the milk has been warmed once- it should never be re-warmed. Any unused and pre-prepared milk that has not been in the fridge should be chucked out after about 2 hours. Chuck out any pre-prepared formula in the fridge after 24 hours. See how to store breast milk HERE, and how to store formula milk HERE!.

Listen to other mum’s tips on how to bottle feed a baby

You should always keep an open mind on how to bottle feed a baby. I am always getting dazzled with a new tip that one of my friends will give me every now and then!

We hope you enjoyed this page on how to bottle feed a baby! If you’re done, please leave us your own tips on how to bottle feed a baby in the comments section below! Otherwise please continue on with our Bottle Feeding Bible

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