How Much To Feed A Baby

How Much To Feed A Baby | Introduction

Knowing how much to feed a baby is hard sometimes. I remember coming home from hospital when Charlie was 5 days old and spending most of our first night at home awake feeding him. I vividly remember Googling “can you over-feed a newborn baby?” at 4.30 am and getting 100 conflicting answers.

The lesson to learn here is that all babies are different and how much to feed a baby differs on different days; it’s not an exact science. Even at birth, babies are different weights and arrive into the world at different points during gestation.

Babies will have growth spurts and conversely they may have “off days” where they are not as interested in their food. If your baby does become disinterested in their food for more than one or two feeds I suggest you consult your doctor as dehydration can occur. Being “off their food” can be an indicator that something else is going on so get your bub checked out if this occurs!

How Much To Feed A Baby | Guide

While there is no exact amount of food or number of feeds per day, below is a good guide on how much to feed a baby and how often, and remember, always check with your doctor on all things you’re unsure of!

  • Approx 180mls per 1kg of baby weight per 24 hour period is a good rule of thumb on how much to feed a baby. You then divide this by the number of feeds (usually 6-8) to find how much to use at each feed. So if your baby is 3kgs for example, that’€™s approximately 540mls per day, if she is feeding 6 times a day, each feed should be approx 90mls.
  • Remember this is simply a guide and it wouldn’t be unusual for your baby to feed more than this, particularly in the number of feeds. If your baby was feeding a lot less than this for their weight, I would consult your doctor.
  • Remember what goes in must come out! If your baby is producing wet and soiled nappies regularly, gaining weight and is fairly content then you can be reasonably sure they are getting adequate feeds.
  • If your baby is formula fed you will find a guide on the back of the tin that shows the suggested amount on how much to feed a baby formula per feed and per day. Remember babies under 4 months old do not require any other food or water other than formula or breast milk.

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