Getting Help With Breastfeeding

Help With Breastfeeding | Introduction

If our Comprehensive Breastfeeding Guide OR our About Breastfeeding Page still doesn’€™t help you and you’€™re worried about anything relating to breastfeeding, than always ask for professional help with breastfeeding.

When To Ask For Help With Breastfeeding

  • If you are feeling unsure or concerned.
  • If you feel your milk supply has not ‘€œcome in’€ or is low.
  • If you are experiencing pain during feeding or sore nipples after feeding.
  • If you feel hot or sore spots on your breasts.
  • If your newborn baby is not feeding between 8-12 times in a 24 hr period.
  • If your baby does not have enough wet or soiled nappies.
  • If your baby is not attaching well.
  • If your baby is sleepy on the breast and seems hungry after feeds.
  • If you are suffering from engorgement.
  • If your baby is not gaining weight.


Where To Go For Help With Breastfeeding

If you have questions or concerns, your doctor or the hospital at which you delivered should be your first port of call for help with breastfeeding. They can often link you up with a variety of services including lactation consultants.

Some Other Useful Contacts To Help With Breastfeeding

Australian Breast Feeding Association – They can often offer you help with breastfeeding through their long list of professional contacts

Your state government health website




24 Hour Child Health Line 1800177279

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