Fussy Baby Guarantee


Our Groundbreaking Fussy Baby Guarantee

To register for the Fussy Baby Guarantee simply purchase a mimijumi bottle through our online store or authorised retailer and checkout with the Fussy Baby eCourse to begin.

Read the options below to see which one best suits you!

OPTION 1: I would like to purchase a bottle now and get my baby onto a bottle, Guaranteed!

  1. Jump onto our online store at mimijumi.com.au/the-baby-bottle-shop/
  2. Select a bottle and the course with it, then just checkout!
  3. The Course logins will be sent to you via email.

For the full Terms & Conditions of the Fussy Baby Guarantee, please click HERE!

OPTION 2: I’ve already purchased my mimijumi bottle & want to register for the Guarantee!

  1. If you’ve purchased a mimijumi bottle on or after January 1 2016, jump onto our online store at mimijumi.com.au/the-baby-bottle-shop/ and checkout with a Fussy Baby Bible eCourse by uploading your receipt at the checkout stage. Your enrollment in the eCourse is your registration for the guarantee.
  2. Run through the Feeding Routine and special techniques for at least 30 days.
  3. Make sure you email us during the 30 days if you’re having difficulty as we’re here to help and do our best to get your bub onto a bottle. You can email us at info@mimijumi.com.au.