Awards Received

Breast Bottle Concept And Global Recognition


Breast bottle, boobie bottle and nipple bottle were the original nicknames for mimijumi baby bottles back in 2008 when mimijumi was launched into the North American market. Since mimijumi’s launch, other baby bottle brands have caught onto the idea and are now tying to replicate the idea of bringing the fundamentals of a breast and breastfeeding into a bottle.

Being the pioneering company to develop a bottle that replicates the breastfeeding experience, and with natural flow and textured ‘skin’ on our nipples all the way down to the pores, mimijumi is the only breast bottle you can buy for your baby.

mimijumi have awards dating back to just after our humble launch in 2008, before any similar natural design concepts were introduced into the market. Our awards are for design, on both a functional and aesthetic level. But it’s more than just the design and function of the bottles that makes mimijumi the breast baby bottle in the world, it’s the countless success stories and the affect our bottles have had on mum’s and dad’s around the world trying to feed their babies.

The response to the bottle globally has been overwhelming. Our Success Stories from mums, doctors, nurses and the media so far have reinforced the proposal that our bottles do work, babies do prefer our bottles and we are the market leaders in the natural feeding bottle category. If we can help one desperate mum bottle feed their baby, that to us is far more important than all the baby design awards in the world.


Being the pioneers of the natural design and breast bottle concept, and with its innovative nipple design, natural form, and commitment to the safest materials for your baby, mimijumi’s Very Hungry breast bottle is a bottle celebrated by parents, doctors, and the design community.  Below are 3 awards we are most proud of from the USA from our launch back in 2008.

mimijumi bottles are simple but extraordinary. Click the links below to see the awards!


  • WINNER – BABY BOTTLE CATEGORY 2011 Reader’s Favourite Awards