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What Makes A Bottle The Best Baby Bottle

This was the question mimijumi founder and child psychiatrist Dr Frank Drummond asked himself back in 2008.

To answer the question, he knew he had to determine what made a baby bottle good, before he could say with certainty what would make one ‘the best’. To do that, he needed real mums and other medical professionals to tell him what they looked for in their bottles when determining what were the best baby bottles for them. Here is the list of main points:

Their baby takes the bottle;

Their baby goes from breast to bottle easily during mixed feeding;

The bottle is as natural and as close to breastfeeding as possible;

The bottle is safe for their baby and toxin free;

The bottle is good quality, uses good materials and has longevity;

The bottle is easy and enjoyable for their baby to drink from and for the mum to use;

The bottle is easy to clean and sterilise;

The bottle is anti-colic and anti-gas;

The bottle is trendy and stylish; and

The bottle is easy to travel with.

With all of the above points in mind, Dr Frank from mimijumi pulled together a team of Mothers, Nurses, Doctors, Lactation Experts and Industrial Designers and asked them to come up with the perfect feeding solution for babies.

The result? They created the Best Baby Bottle Ever! But we know it’s not enough for us to just tell you they are the best, so we have listed below all the glowing reviews mimijumi bottles have received from Australian Press and Media.

These are only a few, and there are also plenty more you can find online. We also have our what mums say reviews, where real Aussie mums have written to us with reviews on the product, and our what Doctor’s and Nurses say reviews that you should have a read through as well.

We hope you enjoy reading the reviews, and we trust you will contact us if you have any questions whatsoever about mimijumi’s best baby bottles!