The Travel Cap

The mimijumi Baby Bottle Travel Cap

The mimijumi baby bottle travel cap is a great addition to mimijumi bottles to make them the perfect travel bottles. Because bubs get fed up to 8 times per day, it’s important that you have a good baby bottles that have a secure cap. Whether out to lunch with friends, at work or doing the shopping, your bottles need to be easily sealed, leak proof and ready for the road!

We’ve all heard the annoying stories of milk spills through bags (actually wait, we’ve probably all been there!), so the mimijumi bottles were designed with a unique travel cap that, once on, REALLY stays on! Its important that you make sure the cap is firmly in place on your mimijumi bottles, so we have written a set of easy, step-by-step instructions on how to put your cap on below. These instructions work for both the Very Hungry and Not So Hungry Baby Bottles.

How To Put The Travel Cap On

As a general tip before we get into the steps, the most important thing you need to remember with the cap is that it has 2 ridges that need to be clipped underneath the nipple before it’s on properly. Have a look inside the cap and you’ll see what we mean! The way to do it is click the back ridge on first, then the front ridge. So you push it down at the back first until it clicks, then you pull it down at the front and it clicks in again. Just think, “back then front”!

How To Put The Travel Bottle Cap On

STEP 1: Place the lid on top of the nipple with the lip facing towards you.

STEP 2: Press down on the back side (furthest from you) of the cap and it will click in;

STEP 3: Now press down on the front of the cap (closest to your chest) and it will click down again. The ‘€˜click’€™ noise on the front side (this step) is usually not as prominent as the ‘€˜click’€™ noise for the back side. It’s more of a ‘slot’ into place.

STEP 4: Turn your bottle upside down and shake. The cap should be firmly in place.

Your mimijumi bottle is now ready to be the perfect travel bottle.


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