Kids Play Centres

Kids Play Centres

Kids Play Centres | I Am Not Your Babysitter!

I love kids play centres. Ball pits, slides, dress ups, ride on cars and plenty of other kids to play with. On rainy days you can guarantee this is where Charlie and I will be. There is only 1 thing that drives me mad about these places: mothers that use unwilling strangers as babysitters.

Taking a child to a kids play centre, dropping them into the play area and parking your self in the back corner of the cafe and burying your head in your laptop is not ok. I have become an unwilling babysitter on several occasions but recently I was forced to not only supervise a strangers child but discipline them. For me this crossed a line. The child in question was clearly too old for the environment and bored stiff. So he made his fun terrorizing smaller children. Other mothers stood guarding their own children and alternated between glaring at the offending child and searching the surrounds for the mother of this child.

Leaving a trail of crying kids behind him, this little terror made the mistake of hurting the small girl my son was playing with. I knelt down to his level and told him off. He screamed in my face and threw the block he was holding at me. Another mother stepped in and she got slapped by the child. We both stood in shock…. that was it! I told the kid we were going to find his mum…. As I stormed off, his mother finally glanced up from her computer. Unfazed she ignored my attempt at an explanation of his behavior and said nothing other than: ‘€œLets go sweety…’€ Shooting me a rather nasty look. Steam coming from my ears I went back to playing with my son, wishing I’€™d said something smart like ‘€œHey lady, where’€™s my $20? I’€™ve just been babysitting your kid for the last hour?” I had been so gob-smaked by her lack of interest that I stood there mute… Several mum’€™s came over and congratulated me on trying to discipline the child, which made me feel slightly better. Apparently the mum had been there working on her computer for hours and the child had been removed by the staff at the centre twice for bad behaviour.

At first I had been so angry at the child, then I just felt sorry for him….. Once the adrenaline wore off I actually started feeling really bad. Had I crossed the line? Should I have ignored the child- just like his mother had? I know that if my child was hurting other children and I was unaware I would want another mother to step in, but I know other mum’€™s may disagree? So where to draw the line? Any suggestions mumma’€™s? Have you ever faced this akward situation when at a kids play centre? What do you think the etiquette should be for supervision and discipline at kids play centres?

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Best Books For Newborns

Best Books For Newborns

Here’s a list of the best books for newborns, after all it’€™s never to early to get your kids into books. NEVER! From the day Charlie was born we have been reading to him and now it’€™s one of his favourite activities. How and what to read to a newborn is actually trickier than you would think, so we have compiled a list of the best books for newborns. No matter what you read your baby will benefit from the one on one time with you and you will be creating a routine and encouraging a love of learning. But it is important to understand that a newborn’€™s eye sight isn’€™t as developed as ours. They can only see about 30 cm from their face and while they are able to see some color they find it difficult to differentiate between shades and tones. Books with black and white images and images with sharp outlines are therefore the best books for newborns. Your baby’€™s eyesight will continue to develop over the first 6 months of their life enabling them to see bright colours by around 2 months of age, and then lighter shades of colour over the following months. Their length and depth of vision will also gradually increase. For these reasons it’s very important to choose age appropriate books for your baby.

It’s also very important to look at how and where you should read to your baby. Make sure that you are both comfortable and relaxed. After a feed is usually a good time (full tummies make for happy babies!) and reading before bed is a particularly good way of encouraging a good bed time routine. Make sure that when you read you use lots of vocal and facial expression and point out things on each page to your child. It’s also a good idea to take your infants hand and encourage them to touch the things you are describing. Before you know it they will be touching the images and naming them all by themselves!

Here are some of the best books for newborns:Dad reading one of the best books for newborns to charlie

  • Mesmirised, by Katey Love
  • Black on White, by Tana Hoban
  • Look at the Animals, by Peter Linenthal
  • Faces For Baby
  • Captain Calamari’€™s Treasure Hunt- Lamaze Soft Activity books
  • Fuzzy Bee And Friends
  • Baby Einstein Playful Discoveries Series
  • The ‘€œThat’€™s Not My’€ Collection
  • 10 Little Fingers, 10 Little Toes, by Mem Fox
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle

Also try this site, they have all the best books for newborns!

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Parenting Fail #237 | Golden Nuggets

Parenting Fail #237

Kids and poo. Ask any parent and they will tell you they go hand in hand. I am yet to meet a parent that doesn’t have at least a dozen kid / poo related horror stories. Yet, I seem to have more than most…

Hanging out at my Mum’s place when Charlie was a baby I made the ever stupid decision to give Charlie 10 minutes of nappy free time post nappy change. Leaving him to happily play with Mum for 1 minute whilst I threw out the wet nappy, I was distracted by my mobile phone ringing.

5 minutes later the scene I returned to was something I’ll never forget.

Charlie had strolled through Mum’s living room leaving little golden nuggets in a trail behind him like a lost hiker leaving crumbs. Mum’s ever faithful dog must have been on the same train of thought – he followed behind Charlie eating each one of these little nuggets with delight, whilst Mum stood puking into a by-standing pot plant. Charlie stood, nude from the waist down, smiling up at me proud as punch, unaware of the fuss he had just caused. I surveyed the scene and did what any great parent would do… I burst out laughing and couldn’t stop. Needless to say no one wants to kiss the dog anymore.

Huge parenting fail.

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Play Dough Recipe

Play Dough Recipe For Kids!

This simple homemade play dough recipe requires no cooking and is a safe and fun way to get your kids involved in the kitchen and expand their imaginations. Let your kids choose their own colours for this amazing play dough recipe and teach them about textures by pulling every utensil you own out of the kitchen draw. This home made play dough recipe is a great, cost effective, rainy day, sanity saving exercise for all ages. Enjoy!


        • 2 Cups Plain Flour
        • 1 Cup Salt
        • 1 TablespoonCooking Oil
        • 1-1.5 Cups Cold Water
        • Food Colouring


        1. Combine flour and salt in a large bowl. Add oil and water and combine well.
        2. On a large sheet of baking paper knead the dough well. You may need to add more flour to achieve the correct consistency. (This is the most important part of the recipe so spend a few extra minutes ensuring you are happy with the consistency.)
        3. Separate the dough into 3 parts and add your choice of colouring to each and knead really well.
        4. Let your kids imaginations run wild choosing colours and shapes!

Other Notes:

        • Colouring will stain hands, clothing and bench tops- so use gloves and enusre you knead the dough on the baking paper.
        • You can buy fun cookie cut outs from $2 shops or kitchen stores. But if these are not already hiding in your cupboard on a rainy day don’t panic, a potato masher, fork and whisk can be just as much fun. For a bit of added excitement look to your pantry for inspiration- dried penne pasta tubes and bow ties add a bit if extra excitement.
        • Remember to wrap your play dough in plastic wrap and then place into airtight containers after each play to ensure it doesn’t dry out and will last for future play.

Voila! That’s the end of my play dough recipe. i hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions please drop me a line on our contacts page HERE!


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