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About Breastfeeding Centre | Introduction By Author Sam Cardone

Hello and welcome to the About Breastfeeding Centre! My name is Samantha Cardone and I am a mother of 3 beautiful children, Charlie (3), and Lily & Evie (twins 6 months).

My husband, Matt, is a doctor, so he works long hours. That means that between looking after the little ones and working part time, like lots of mums, I have my hands full!

Here you will find all the essential information about breastfeeding. From an introduction about breastfeeding, to how to actually breast feed and all related topics, you will find it here.

Remember, any issues about breastfeeding or any other topic concerning you or your baby’s health should always be taken up with your healthcare professional. Although these are a great guide, your doctor knows best!

That’s all from me, I trust you will enjoy this information, and don’t hesitate getting in touch to chat further on


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P.P.S – Sometimes I have referred to the baby as being a “her”. This is just habit because when I was writing this I was feeding my twin girls!

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