Save Our Sleep, AGAIN PLEASE!

I’m exhausted. EXHAUSTED. I have always been blessed with children that slept well. That was until recently….

Save Our Sleep, AGAIN PLEASE

When Charlie was born I read the book ‘Save Our Sleep’ by Tizzie Hall. At first I was a little confronted by the idea of leaving my child to cry, and by the strict routines in the book. However after 3 months of minimal sleep I became more and more willing to try Hall’s method. I was at first confused about how you “put a baby onto a routine?” But the less sleep I got and the more I read, the more I was willing to try. I implemented the strategies in the book at around the 3 month mark and surprisingly it took only 24 hours to get Charlie onto the routine . The first time I put him down to “self settle” as the book calls it, he cried for 13 minutes. I know because I followed the books advice and timed it with my iPhone, when your child is crying 10 minutes can feel like an hour, so timing the process is really important. I also followed Save Our Sleep’s advice and kept busy during those 13 minutes vacuuming, showering and making a cup of tea. It’s sounds ridiculous but it really does work, the noise seems to help the baby fall asleep and the distraction definitely helped me. I followed the books advice on making Charlie’s room dark and cool too (as it was summer.)**  I also implemented the ‘dream feed’ at 10.30pm as Hall suggests, dropping this when he was around 10 months.  I did have to stay home a bit more and structure my days a bit differently but it was well, well worth it. Importantly I decided to tackle this challenge on a day that I was feeling up to it and at an appropriate time of day. I started this process at the first nap of the day, not at 2 am when everything feels worse and harder and scarier than it really is. That afternoon Charlie only took 11 minutes to self settle and that night only 6 minutes passed until he was sleeping soundly. The following night he went to sleep without a peep and from that day forth I have been blessed with a brilliant sleeper. I now swear by the Save Our Sleep method.

When the twins came home they were already on a routine after spending 3 weeks in the special care nursery so I was lured into a false sense of security early on.  At 4-5 months they were sleeping through on their own (CRAZY I KNOW)! At 6-7 months I was up doing 1 feed a night each and now at 8 months (after our trip to Fiji) I am up NON STOP. Last night I was up 8 times. SOOOOOO not happy Jan! This has been going on for around 2 weeks so this week I have decided it’s time to get back to Tizzie!

I’ll update you on our progress in a week! Wish me luck!

Check out the Save Our Sleep website for more information. There are some great videos from the Save Our Sleep author Tizzie Hall and lots of products available that can assist you in safely settling your bub.

**(Tip: we decided to instal an air-con in his room but instead of getting expensive blinds installed I went out bought a ‘cut off’ piece of block out blind material from spot light. I then cut it to the size of the window and used double sided velcro tape to secure it to the window frame- instant block out=$40!)