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Bottle Feeding Bible | Introduction

Hello and welcome to the Mimijumi Bottle Feeding Bible! This page is an introduction to the bible, and you can find links to all internal pages at the bottom of this page, so if you want to skip to a section just click through! OK that’s enough out of us, so we’ll pass you over to the book’s author, the lovely Sam Cardone!


About The Authors

Amanda Bude (Groovy Babies)

Amanda Bude is an experienced Antenatal, Birth Suite and Postnatal Midwife of 16 years. She is a Certified Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant, HypnoBirthing ® Childbirth Educator, and Certified Infant Massage Instructor. She is the founder of Groovy Babies and is also a mother of 3!

Samantha (Sam) Cardone

Sam is a mother of 3 beautiful children the official mimijumi mummy blogger!

A Note From Sam

Hello and welcome to the mimijumi Bottle Feeding Bible! My name is Samantha Cardone and I am a mother of 3 beautiful children, Charlie (3), and Lily & Evie (twins 6 months). My husband, Matt, is a doctor, so he works long hours. That means that between looking after the little ones and working part time, like lots of mums, I have my hands full!

I both breast and bottle fed my first born son Charlie and my twins Lily and Evie. I was lucky to be surrounded by supportive people who provided me with great information and encouragement. I know many new mums are not as lucky, so ther bible for bottle feeding is designed to be there for you when you don’t know where to turn!

If you have chosen to breast feed you may wish to give your baby a bottle from time to time, or like me, you may choose to go with bottle feeding more regularly. Things like: choosing to breastfeed or bottle feed and choosing to use breast milk or formula milk are personal decisions that cause many mothers a lot of stress and confusion. You need to remember that, at the end of the day it is what and how we feed our children’s souls that really matters. As long as your child is happy and healthy then you are making the right choices and should be proud of yourself.

Once you have made the decision to try bottle feeding it can be very frustrating and upsetting if your baby has trouble feeding or just flat-out rejects the bottle. HOT TIP: It isn’t unusual to have trouble when teaching your baby bottle feeding. Like anything it takes time and patience for you and your baby to learn a new skill. Modern day mum’s tend to turn to Google for advice and you will find there are many conflicting views on bottle feeding. Mum’s tend to get lost in online information and opinions, but breathe easy, because you’re not alone! Because there is SO much conflicting content readily available to every Australian mouse-click-happy mum, it’s not surprising that you may feel overwhelmed, especially if you’re having trouble bottle feeding (and most likely not getting enough sleep!).

Firstly, you need to realise that every baby is different, so there is no exact science to bottle feeding that will work for all babies 100% of the time. While some techniques will work for baby John, baby Jane might not be so easy. Don’t think you and your baby are outcasts, that would be silly. Every baby is unique and will react differently to particular techniques. Having said that, there are some important and very helpful pieces of advice we can offer you when it comes to bottle feeding that will help make life easier for you. That’s why we created these pages and the eBook!

From the best equipment you need for bottle feeding, all the way through to cleaning up and storing formula, this mimijumi bottle feeding bible covers it all. Like the title suggests, think of this as your bible for everything bottle feeding. It’s print friendly, so print it, share it and keep it somewhere easily accessible for at-least the first 3 months of feeding. Somewhere like on the kitchen table or the fridge. It’s a good idea to save an eCopy as well, and store it in your iCloud or other mobile accessible folder. This means it’s always with you on the run.

That’s all from me, I trust you will enjoy the Bottle Feeding Bible, and
don’t hesitate getting in touch to chat further on


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P.P.S – Sometimes I have referred to the baby as being a “her”. This is jus habit because when I was writing this I was feeding my twin girls!

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Amanda Bude


Sam Cardone

* This article was written by mimijumi mummy  Samantha Cardone  and is a part of the  mimijumi Bottle Feeding Bible

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